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customer loyalty

Customer loyalty: 3 ways to build strong customer relationships

Customer Loyalty: Key recommendations to engage successfully with your customer

The key to being a successful content marketer is to earn customer loyalty and trust by building strong customer relationships. As a 4th year BSc. Digital Media & Society student I have learnt, through academic learning and practical implementation on our 3rd year work experience placement, that to successfully implement a Social Web Strategy it is vital to build a relationship with your customers to insure your business is getting the conversions it needs to be a success.

Authenticity is the secret sauce

Kim Garst is the CEO and co-founder of Boom! Social Media Marketing, #1 influencer in Social Media on Klout and Top 50 Forbes social media power influencer, her blog Authenticity Is the Secret Sauce to Social Selling Online sales are expected to be over $2 trillion in 2017 and will continue to rise, if you want your sales to be included in that figure you have to learn how to use social media to its best advantage. Kim states that over 50% of sales will be influenced by or occurs online this year and that is why she feels that the relationship you build with your customers is key to being successful online. Kim advises to create great content and engage with your audience – make sure you have the solution for whatever your customer wants to buy to ensure customer loyalty. Read the full report HERE


How to engage with customers

Peg Fitzpatrick is a popular social media speaker, trainer and, social media author. She is co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users and her blog – How to connect with your Customers on Social Media and she also gives great advice on how to engage with customers and encourage brand loyalty (which encourages repeat sales). She encourages brands to share their story and to post content that is current and relevant to effectively engage with the customer. Show personality by sharing funny images,videos or memes, which will grab their attention. Get the customers to participate in some way it makes them feel more connected with the brand – it also gives you greater insight to their likes and dislikes ensuring you gain customer loyalty and ultimately return visits and sales. Read the full report HERE


1. Research your demographic – know who your target market is, how they behave and their likes and dislikes, use available data to get the clearest picture you can so you know how and when best to target your audience.

2. Content is king – content whether it’s images or a catchy slogan will capture your audiences’ attention, ensure that this content is relevant and engaging otherwise your potential customers will scroll past you and move on to the next best thing.

3. Schedule – You want to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers without filling their feeds with irrelevant content so Schedule your posts to go out at a time when you know your target audience is online most.

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