How to Drive Traffic to your Website

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How to Drive Traffic to your Website

sjm with borderWant to know how to drive traffic to your website?

Drive  traffic to your website by giving your customers what they want when they want it is the only way to gain leads and to ensure you get business for your company. Clear concise content, don’t presume that the customer knows what you want them to do, spell it out, have clear call to actions. You need to lead them down the path you want them to take!


Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Googles advertising service for your online business. You can display your Ad on Googles results page high up on the page without waiting for your page to rank higher organically. The idea with AdWords is to set a budget for your advertising campaign and allocate a daily budget that you only have to pay for when someone clicks on your Ad. The service largely focuses on keywords for your Ad.


Google Adwords


You create the Ad and use relevant keywords that are appropriate to your business – these are words that people would use if they were searching for your business in Googles search engine. When Google pops up the results your Ad will be shown. When someone clicks on the Ad they are then re-directed to your website.  Different matching options are available when you are choosing keywords for your Ad campaign;

Broad Match – This has the biggest reach; your Ad will be shown when any of your keywords are entered.

Negative Match – This option prevents your Ad from displaying if a certain word or phrase is searched (profanities etc.)

Phrase Match – Exact same phrase match keywords

Exact Match – Exact same phrase exclusively

As mentioned, by using AdWords keywords you can control the cost of your advertising, each keyword works by a Cost Per Click bid amount option. You specify the max amount you are willing to pay for each time someone clicks your Ad. The higher the Cost Per Click the higher your page will rank.

The more Keywords that you can find that relate to your industry the better as this will help you with your Google ranking and the higher you are the more likely that customer will click on your Ad and hire you!


Email Campaign

Newsletter photoI created this email Newsletter in MailChimp, which is an email marketing software to design, send and save emails to send to your customers. It is easy to use and share and steps you through the process very easily. You can build a list of customers that you want to send the email too and segment so that you have different lists for different campaigns.

By offering the customers something free like a weekly or monthly newsletter it builds brand awareness and allows you to become familiar to your target audience it also make it more personal for the customer.  MailChimp also helps you track your results so you can check the responses that you receive from your clients. This gives you a better idea about how you can make changes to your campaign in order to get a more positive response for your page!

Email marketing is a great way to bring new products and services to your customers after you have got their permission; in MailChimp there is a built in permission request when they receive your email. Don’t spam your customers with lots of emails as they will get annoyed and unsubscribe. Ensure that the material is relevant to who you are sending it to, segment the market as much as possible.

Landing Page


Landing pageLanding pages are the perfect way to fill your database with email addresses for future campaigns. This is the page where you can direct your target market to the exact page on your website that you want them to visit. The goal is with landing pages is to get your audience to do something on your page, download a newsletter, buy something or fill out a form (Wordstream, 2017). The first thing to do when creating a landing page is to check out your competition your target market, see what kind of landing pages and content that they are directing their audience to and see what you can emulate.

The more you understand and segment your audience the more likely you are to feed them the content they require, thus making yourself knowledgeable and invaluable in the sector. My business needs to be the first thing customers think of when they want any Digital Media work carried out.

Landing pages need to be clear, concise and not cluttered; this is just the capture phase of the purchase lifecycle Purchase lifecyclejourney to conversion.  My aim is to make my brand familiar first of all and then to sell my services when they are ready to move to that stage of the purchase lifecycle. Cater to your audiences wants and needs at all times, you need to make yourself invaluable to them. You need to target and segment the market as much as possible, using different content to attract different clients i.e. content for web design would be different from content for app design. Keep track of different campaigns by using different bitly links for each campaign; this will help to further segment my target audience.




Landing pages are designed to lead your audience to a particular page you think will be of most relevance to them. Limit the amount of hyperlinks that are in your content that would navigate the audience away from your website, if they leave it is hard to get them back. Don’t assume the audience knows what you want them to do, make it stand out and obvious, if they have to go looking for something they will get bored and leave, have the objective front and centre where they can locate it easily.

Design and layout will be key to the success of the campaign, clear call to actions with headlines that will appeal to the eye and catch the attention of the target audience. Only capture the information you need, keep it simple, name and email address is enough, no one wants to fill out long forms! Make sharing your content easy, have share buttons on all content and links back to your website on all social media accounts.Newsletter

Get your content out there and see what works, AB split tests are a great way to do this and give you invaluable information about what works, when, and what doesn’t work. Images and info-graphics always grab attention instead of all text.

A good Google Adwords campaign with relevant keywords is crucial for it to be successful. Giving your customers what they want when they want it is the only way to gain leads and to ensure you get business for your company. Clear concise content, don’t presume that the customer knows what you want them to do, spell it out, have clear call to actions.

Keep the landing page as simple as possible, only ask minimal information, i.e. name and email address. Give them something they want to make them sign up, i.e. newsletter, eBook or webinar. Create interesting headlines and buttons to make them want to click through; the goal is to get them back to your website to engage with your content there and then when they are comfortable and familiar with your brand convert.


Lead them down the path you want them to take!


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