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Target Audience & Keywords: How to optimise your website


Defining my target audience:

By defining my target audience I can attract the people that I want to visit my site and ultimately avail of my Digital Media services. I will use ensure that the audience I want to attract i.e. potential employers can easily find my website by ensuring it is visible in the right places and that it can rise above the noise and stand out from the competition. Improving my Google ranking to ensure I am high up on page one will allow me to be visible to potential employers; I can do this by publishing relevant content on my site and keeping it up to date, having relevant metadata,  having a link worthy site and using alt tags to give descriptive information about images or videos used on my website.

The Target Audience:

There is a lot of competition out there so I need to make sure that I have the correct target audience so that I can best highlight how my business can solve their Digital Media needs. My  potential target audience will be businesses that need to set up or improve their online profiles including digital media strategies, content marketing, CMS, SEO, Analytics – any of the services available on my website. LinkedIn I feel will be the best platform to use to showcase my talents as a Digital Media specialist and to attract potential employers and leading them back to my website so they can view work that I have done. My demographic will be Mayo and Galway, although with the nature of this work a lot of it can be done remotely so maybe I could extend that criteria.  I can learn the needs and wants of my potential target audience by following relevant discussions and groups both on LinkedIn and on Twitter, by taking part in these discussions this will raise my profile within the industry and will further cement my personal brand and allow me to build a personal relationship with both potential employers and customers.


Keywords are an important part of your website and SEO, they must be relevant to your content so that potential customers can find exactly what they are looking for on your website when they search using those particular keywords. Picking the right keywords is critical for the success of reaching the right audience and it is also important for your ranking in search engines such as Google. Use words that are relevant to your business and to the service that you provide and keywords  that are specific to your site to ensure you get the traffic that you want to your website.  It is crucial to know what your audience is searching for in relation to your business and doing a quick google search can give you some ideas which keywords to use to attract exactly the right audience to your website.

The keyword tool in Google Adwords is an ideal way to help you to search and create new keyword lists that will work for your website and give you some great ideas about using keywords effectively on your website.  Although I haven’t used it myself yet another Google tool called Contextual Targeting Tool is getting great reviews on some of the sites I have visited recently so this may be another option I may use in the future to further enhance my keyword selection for my site. Another simple tool to give you ideas that I have used in the past is, to use this simply copy and paste any text on your website into and it will generate a word cloud that will “pop-out” the most relevant words and you can then base your keywords around this.


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